We buy Philadelphia properties in any condition! To find out if your property qualifies for an all cash offer, contact Jody Buys Homes today.

Here at Jody Buys Homes, we understand that not everyone is in a position to sell their homes the traditional way. Maybe you have a property that requires a lot of repairs and you can’t afford to make them. Perhaps you are behind on your mortgage payments and don’t plan on keeping the home.

Even if your property is in good condition, it’s possible that you don’t want to pay commission fees and go through a long and lengthy selling process. Whatever circumstances you are facing, Jody Buys Homes can help.

Situations We Frequently Work With

Are you facing any of these situations? If so, we can help!

  • In foreclosure
  • Owner of an unwanted property
  • Owner of a vacant property
  • Stubborn tenants living in your rental
  • Need to relocate quickly
  • Can’t afford to pay realtor commissions
  • Going through a divorce
  • No equity in the home
  • Owner of a fixer upper

Did you answer “yes” to any of these questions? If so, contact Jody Buys Homes today. We specialize in solving real estate problems, and we almost always have a solution. A person should never feel stuck because of a property. We can solve almost any financial problem and give you the fresh start you’re looking for.

Why Sell Your Philadelphia House to Our Buyers

By selling your house to us, you can expect a number of benefits.

Transparent Process

We start by presenting all of your options to you. This way, you can see what possibilities are open. Next, we help you determine which option is best. We weigh a number of factors, such as when you want the home sold, how much you are looking to collect and what external factors (i.e., tenants living in the property, big repairs) that could complicate the process.

No Pressure, No Obligation

Throughout the process, our experts will help you sort through the confusion without any pushy sales techniques or obligation. We are experts in solving real estate issues, and we help people like you get out of these messes every day. If it doesn’t work out or feel to be the right fit, that’s okay.

Fair Cash Offers

Our Philadelphia home buyers will make an all-cash offer that will allow you to walk away from your home. If you accept the offer, we can close quickly. We’re happy to take the property in any condition. We have the resources to clean, repair and resell homes. We can even take properties that have tenants living in them.

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